Bad Seo Practices To Avoid

Backlinks are the number one source of evil SEO!

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most frequent New Zealand SEO practises, as well as how to detect a potentially risky one. We’ll start with two examples: content tourism (reusing old content from other sites) and keyword duplication in titles or descriptions – both of which are a no-no! Stay back for our next instalment, in which I’ll show you what more is out there that may deceive your brain but not Google’s algorithm; in the meantime, if any agents want me to write about their agency, please contact me as soon as possible 😉

Linkbuilding is the source of all evil!

Google still considers the quality and quantity of backlinks from other websites (referred to as “linking”) to your web pages to be a ranking factor. Unfortunately, this has developed an industry in which lazy SEOs buy link spam or, worse, artificial content in order to manipulate their ranking on Google’s search results page! Before taking them up on their offer, you should read our article about how SEO companies try too hard these days just to get penalised by us for trying too hard without doing any good; take action now if you want those penalties lifted ASAP because we’re not going away anytime soon…or ever really—so make sure that contact won’t be forgotten come time when patience wears thin.

If you’re still relying on white hat link building to expand your site, it’s time to face reality. Google will not punish existing links on your website; however, if the same backlinks come from unnatural sources, they may be perceived as manipulative or dishonest and may result in penalties down the road! Get an SEO assessment so we know where all potential problems are before anything else is at risk of being devalued by search engines, as Yelp does when customers see less relevant content because their rankings drop due to too many spammy reviews being posted around town frequented places people want information found quickly without having us filter everything through

Google offers the following suggestions for obtaining natural backlinks to your website. Ignore the following advise at your peril:
-‘Creating original content that can naturally develop popularity in the Internet community is the best approach to attract other sites to provide high quality, relevant connections.’

Producing high-quality content pays off: Links are typically editorial votes given at the discretion of the editor, and the more useful your site’s information becomes in assisting others with their inquiries or needs for this type of subject matter – which can include anything from how-to guides to news updates about relevant current events affecting our fields – the better.

Watch the video below to learn how to avoid “linkspam.”